The dissertation outline: how to deal with that?

The outline for dissertation is compiled by a graduate student personally. At the same time, verification and approval of the plan by the supervisor are required. Keep in mind that in the process of work, the plan of the candidate thesis (you can find a sample at the end of the article) can be modified several times. Initially, the main elements that the dissertation prospectus should contain the plan are the names of the various headings united by the logic of the research.

Dissertation Proposal: how to deal with that?

Ph.D. thesis is always a qualifying work. You defend some work in which you show your qualifications. This does not necessarily have to be some kind of breakthrough direction in science, practice. But sometimes this concept – qualification work – is somehow simplified. It is believed that if you have written several formulas or 150 pages of reasoning, the qualification work is ready and you can go to defend it. However, it is not. In any case, a Ph.D. thesis should contain at least a new look at some well-known problem statements or some new solutions.

How to choose a good web site to order a term paper?

Each student sooner or later faces the problem of writing a term paper cheap. And he faces a choice: write yourself or order a finished work. Requirements for coursework are complicated every year, new rules are introduced and plagiarism is excluded. If earlier applicants could download ready-made texts and make a coursework or a thesis from these fragments, today in educational institutions they carefully check the quality of the work performed. And as always, the student has little time, so he often thinks about where to order a term paper?

How to write a comparative essay?

Perhaps you were asked a comparative essay in class, or you need to write a comprehensive comparative report at work. In order to write an outstanding work, you need to start with the identification of two objects that have enough common features and differences that are amenable to the meaningful comparison. Then you need to find at least two or three points by which you can compare them using research, facts and well-formed paragraphs, which will help to impress and captivate your readers. Writing a comparative and contrast essay is an important skill that is often useful to you in your academic career.

How to format essay in MLA style?

MLA is a formatting and citation code widely used in academic and professional writing in English. If you want to write a scientific article or publication for a journal or university in the United States or another country that uses MLA formatting, then you should follow the stylistic rules described below.

According to the MLA (Modern Languages ​​Associations) style, when using quotations in an essay, you must specify the author’s name and page number. If you quote verses, then you have to link to verses instead of page numbers. Unlike the APA style, you do not have to indicate the year in which the quote was written in the main text of your essay, although you will have to indicate it on the detailed reference page at the very end of the essay.