Dissertation Proposal: how to deal with that?

Ph.D. thesis is always a qualifying work. You defend some work in which you show your qualifications. This does not necessarily have to be some kind of breakthrough direction in science, practice. But sometimes this concept – qualification work – is somehow simplified. It is believed that if you have written several formulas or 150 pages of reasoning, the qualification work is ready and you can go to defend it. However, it is not. In any case, a Ph.D. thesis should contain at least a new look at some well-known problem statements or some new solutions.

So, how to write a proposal for a dissertation. I have been taught many times that they first read the abstract, then they read the introduction, then they read the conclusion, and after all, this, if they like it, they begin to read the text. Therefore, the abstract and introduction should be extremely clear and well-structured. In this case, there should be a clear and concise description of what you have done and the place of your task in the class of tasks to which it relates. The person reading this text should understand where your dissertation fits. The same applies to articles.

The author’s dissertation proposal repeats the structure of the thesis, everything should be more concise, the only feature that is incomprehensible to me in the author’s abstracts is why it is impossible to refer to other people’s works. In my opinion, this is also a VAK requirement, but I never understood it. If you get the results, developing the work of other people, why not refer to this work.

Every dissertation is the expenditure of some intellectual and physical resources. Never waste time on “narrow” topics that are not interesting to anyone. You cannot spend time on a thesis, which will become obsolete before you have time to defend it, you cannot spend time on a thesis, which will go on the shelf and be forgotten in six months. Always try to choose the right balance between work and effort. Any dissertation is a waste of effort. Somehow one of my co-authors decided to do work on car sales, he was ordered by the car sales association. He worked on this topic for some time, analyzed sales, built a regression model, and before handing it over to the customer, told me what he did. I told him that everything is working out well, but macro factors that affect the economy as a whole are not taken into account. Therefore, if now something “shakes” in the system, everything can change. And he calmly replied that no, nothing will happen.